Did A Gun Free Zone Ever Stop A Crime? Hear The Best Arguments Now . . .

Thanks to Outdoor Channel for this thorough documentary by Safe Haven on Gun Free Zones.

  • Once an active shooter starts, a person gets shot every 8-10 seconds.  That’s the fact.
  • Will a locked  door stop an active shooter?
  • Is time management a factor in stopping the shooter?
  • Who is closest to stopping the shooter?
  • What will the closest person use to stop the shooter?
  • Will this discussion change the stance on college campuses?
  • Are gun free zones really free of guns?


These questions and many more are discussed on the timely documentary by Safe Haven.  You can give your feedback directly to Outdoor Channel by going here: http://outdoorchannel.com/showfeedback.aspx?genre=shooting&showId=25702

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