Did A Gun Free Zone Ever Stop A Crime? Hear The Best Arguments Now . . .

Serious questions are asked by sober Americans concerning a gun free zone prescribed society where disarming civilians is the solution for making communities safer. Massive data presents the opposite of such media lies concerning this one aspect rallied and adhered to by so many.

How Is Disarming Civilians Making Communities Safer?
Here’s the 1:35 version:


Thank you to Bearing Arms for the trailer version video of this very serious issue introducing the documentary show as shown on the next page.

Since 1950, of all the active shooter, mass casualty scenarios in America, only two were not in a gun free zone.  Law Enforcement response is about 10 minutes. And 70-80% of active shooters plan on dying themselves. The closer you are to a crime the faster you can stop it. Purdue Professor and other professionals research and look at the time it takes to respond and save lives.  Their findings will reveal to the general public a sober look at the facts with regards to gun free zones. This is not a pro or anti-gun documentary but once previewed, your friends and family can make a quality decision about gun free zones for themselves.  These stats were given by FoxNews.

Next up is the full length documentary on this single aspect becoming more prevalent in our society today:


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