Deciding Daily To Carry a Gun – One Woman’s Moment of Truth

In many families, there is a ‘gun debate.’  Mothers, fathers, older brothers, adult children, husbands and significant others want the women whom they love to carry a gun. Some women, for some reason, are a bit reticent on this issue.  There are many reasons. Maybe they don’t feel the need because they have not experienced an emergency situation. They may feel that their neighborhood has been safe and secure up until now and it won’t change.  But still other women wonder if they actually need to carry.

Deciding Daily To Carry a Gun – One Woman’s Moment of Truth

This woman had a wake up call. All her life she had no desire to have anything to do with guns. In this moving personal testimony, you will hear how she changed her mindset and why.  She also gives excellent and compelling personal evidence that will resonate with many who are still making a decision.



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This Little Defense Tool Helps When A Gun Will Not

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