Conceal and Carry – Three Things You Should Avoid That Will Save Your Life

Hours of class time, hours of range time, a little money, a background check and now you have your CCW license! Congratulations! This represents hard work, determination and resolve. But it takes a while for that gun to become second nature. Your confidence level will soar after you get your conceal and carry permit. But that is no reason to get careless, arrogant or sloppy. Here’s what to be aware of as your journey continues.

Conceal and Carry – Three Things You Should Avoid That Will Save Your Life

Most of us would be surprised to know who is carrying. Heck, for that matter, most people would be surprised that YOU carry!   But we all know those folks who are so proud of their CCW license that inevitably they spill the beans letting everyone know they carry. How?

This next video reveals some obvious and not so obvious ways you show others you are carrying a firearm.

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