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Wear a mask.  Don’t wear a mask.  Is it a law?  or not?  How much are citations? Can we afford these consequences?  Can we afford not to stand up?

There is, no doubt, an upheaval in our country over these different issues.  Today, we’re going to give you some very clear resources and answers that will be evident but with consequences, and hope, as you follow each link. Some resources will be released to you contingent upon your answers to some questions.  This is necessary to protect the safety and security of all.

So let’s get started:

Resource #1

If you need legal counsel, this is who we recommend: (click on the picture to go to their website)

Moms & Guns - Contitutional Legal Help


Resource #2

If you’re wondering how to prepare for the upcoming, uncertain days ahead, here’s a list from our friend Peggy Hall:


1. Find those under the radar (alternative healers, mom and pop shops, etc) that you can develop relationships with.

2. Start to prepare with supplies, protection, medicine as much as you can. If you have pets, get refills on any medications for them, stock up on food. etc.

3. Connect with those in your area you can trust for collaboration and support. We have groups starting to form soon.

4. Pray. I do the same.  (See Resource #3 for more information below.)

5. Keep connected with us. Things are changing quickly and we need all hands on deck.

I hope this message is one of hope for you. You are not alone and millions stand united. #3 on the list is the most important, after prayer.

With hugs, prayers, and encouragement,


CLICK HERE: www.TheHealthyAmerican.org

Resource #3

A. Check out the RETURN (CLICK HERE) online streaming event this weekend.

B. Do some research in your area and see if there are PRAYER WALKS organized and on what date(s) can you join in.

C. Here are some PRAYER GUIDES you can use at home or on a PRAYER WALK you and a friend can go on together in your area.  You don’t need a permit to walk and pray.



CLICK HERE: Prayer Calendar with Lynne Hammond

Moms & Guns - Intercessors for America

CLICK HERE: Intercessors for America & their  CLICK HERE: PRAYER GUIDES


Resource #4

If you have a group of people needing to speak in your city hall meeting coming up soon but you’re not sure what to say or where to start, this resource is for you!  I have written seven speeches that are bold, to the point, and stops within two minutes and thirty seconds before the intimidating loud interruption telling you that you have thirty seconds before your time is up.  ALERT!  These speeches are BOLD against tyrannical behavior exhibited through local city officials.

These speeches can be adapted for use anywhere in the United States by citizens of the USA. The seven speeches are $10 for the whole package plus 15 minutes free consultation for your team leader on getting your group organized and ready to go in mindset for the task at hand.

Moms & Guns - Speech Coaching
I also offer vocal speech coaching via Zoom online to prepare each member of your team to follow each other with confident boldness to make an impact. Coaching is $25 for 20-30 minutes.  Most people are ready to go with some extra practice after 1-2 coaching sessions. I will even throw in some video training I’ve done to help you strengthen your voices for the task at hand.

CLICK HERE and Please fill out the form completely to move forward:


Resource 5:

Have you already received a citation for NOT wearing a mask in public?  Here are attorneys willing to help pro bono:


NOTE:  Return to this page often.  We will continue to list resources to help the American people. 

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