Children of the Holocaust – Remembering Saves Lives


If you have children, no doubt you might be thinking one of two things. First, would my Jewish friends and their little ones survive such an ordeal if it were to happen in our lifetime?  Second, I can’t possibly comprehend these horrors and prefer not to in hopes it would never happen again to anyone, especially my nationality.

Children of the Holocaust – Remembering Saves Lives

I tend to look at the bigger picture in the scope of our world today.

With ISIS luring Yazidi families off from their homes promising work and provisions but finding themselves in labor camps possibly facing execution, do you really think the evils of Hitler’s day have completely left planet earth?

Though concentration camps during the Holocaust didn’t enter into U.S. soil, do you know how WWII affected the Jews and Japanese and other nationalities? Do you know the costs of the war for all mankind?

Here’s David’s story, a child of a holocaust survivor.


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