CCW Tip – One Simple Action For Traffic Stops

If you legally and actively carry, it is good to be mentally prepared for a traffic stop.  It’s bound to happen sooner or later.  You might be going too fast, or you may be in a minor accident, or even an expired tag or broken tail light and you see that blue-light behind you.  What now?  This one simple CCW tip will make a difference with how the incident will play out in your favor.

What to do when stopped by police.

Most police understand the safety issue of CCW,  but may be uncomfortable when you open your glove box to reach for registration and license and they see your gun. This police officer shares actions you can do to makes any officer of the law more comfortable.

When you are driving along, minding your own business and see those blue lights flash at you, then follow, it’s natural for your heart to skip a beat.  “What now?” you may think as you check your speed.  But if you are also carrying, you have the added issue of the presence of your firearm.  This CCW tip, shared by a police officer will help you in an already tense situation.

Watch this video now.

We hope this helps!  That speeding ticket?  Well, you’re on your own there…

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Featured image by YouParent on Youtube.


    • An a warning was exactly what one of our valued readers got from following the suggestions on the video. Thanks for sharing!

  • I got pulled over tonight and did exactly as you suggested in the video clip and the officer not only thanked me for letting him know but also said I handled it very well, and I got a warning.. He even asked me if it was a certain firearm when he saw it… Thank you for the advice on how to approach it!

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