After Memorial Day – We Remember Always

My heart is overwhelmed with the courage of these truly brave Americans and the high price of their commitment to us.

After Memorial Day – We Remember Always

The courage of these truly brave men and women is astounding, remarkable and so amazing as they willingly go to fight for the freedom we enjoy everyday of our lives. They fought for the freedom God wanted for all men. The liberty and constitutional resolve of the United States was the model God ordained for all men to attain through relationship with Him and responsibility in Him.

I’ve had the privilege to witness this type of determined commitment in my own son, who is now a Rescue Swimmer for the United States Navy.  It’s deep inside him.  You can’t shake it out of him.  You can’t talk him away from it.  It’s in him and we are grateful because it will sustain him during the horrific moments he endures and bring him home to us safely.


However, for those who have paid the ultimate price, if they have received Jesus in their heart, they have entered into another realm. This heavenly realm involves a more strategic and sophisticated battle plan. All of heaven celebrates the fallen soldier because of their surrender to the call on his/her life, trusting the only true God and Creator of the universe to save them even in death.  They don’t die into some oblivious nothingness or some lustful virgin land that is a sinister lie of our ultimate enemy. They live and master the heavens as men in white linen overseeing all the military branches of the world. Their job and passion has not ended – just our ability to fellowship with them – for awhile.

You see, our fallen soldiers are not fallen at all.  They’ve only changed addresses.  They are uplifted in glory and there is much about their assignments to help us we do not even comprehend. But our God is good and He regards our soldiers as heroes. We regard them as heroes.  How dare anyone speak otherwise!


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