A Mindset Proven Stronger Than Your Greatest Danger

The goal of Moms & Guns is to cover an array of personal protection topics from a holistic approach that is easy to read, grasp and apply by normal family units including single adults and single parents.

Recently, we received a comment that struck a chord we simply can’t ignore.  The comment was listed under an article about a mom who defended her child and home against a young thug high on drugs who had forced his way into her home.  The comment stated that there’s a big difference between a kid thug and ISIS cutting off the heads of our children.

We totally agree.

A Mindset Proven Stronger Than Your Greatest Danger

There are, no doubt, varying degrees of danger out there in which our frail families are subjected to.

Families face dangers such as:

  • car jacking
  • home invasion
  • kidnapping
  • social media deception
  • human trafficking
  • school & mall shootings
  • dangerous weather patterns
  • health issues
  • culture hatred & terrorism
  • released prisoners
  • tyranny

Each danger has the potential to end in death for any individual – one part of a family whole.  And each death is surely tragic.

But death doesn’t have to be the end conclusion at all.

In the case of ISIS, or cultural hatred, fear has either gripped the heart and paralyzed the individual or fear has stirred the heart to discover ways to defend.

Fear is always the first motivator.  The next motivator is  . . .



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