A Gun In Church? 4 View Points That Will Shock You!

 4th View Point by Local Police: Well, indeed, Priest Fride decided to do what was best for the people and I respect him for that.

 A CPL class was held at the church recently by a suburban Detroit police officer, Fride wrote in the letter. Fride said the officer told parishioners “that because more Detroiters are protecting themselves, more of the criminals are now targeting the suburbs…”


“That same officer from the CPL class personally thanked me for having the parish do this class and expressed a hope that more would follow suit, because having law abiding citizens armed makes their job as police so much better,” Fride wrote in the letter.


We certainly hope more citizens will step up and join the ranks of defending their own families so criminals get the message everywhere.

FREEP NEWS gave us this wonderful report today and our best goes out to Priest Fride and all his parishioners.


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