A Blazing Message to Obama From This Marine

Nothing hurts more than a leader who doesn’t know or follow what is being taught and instilled into the very individuals required to carry out the commands of that same leader.

Nothing hurts more than losing a life in active duty to our country’s military and have that same leader trample their memory with insensitive, afterthought gestures.

A Blazing Message to Obama From This Marine

There is protocol to the Patriot sacrifices of this nation.  Our military families learn this protocol the minute their family member enters Bootcamp training.  In essence, the family enters protocol training, too. As civilians we learn to respect and admire the military training

All military names are written with block cap letters and their titles, SHIP and DIVISION are required to receive their mail from parents, siblings and friends.

However, this leader couldn’t so much as stand up and address the families of the fallen.

Well, this marine tells it better than I.   Watch this video that storms this leader with the rebuke of strength and honor.



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