Media Verbiage Fuels Hysteria Except For This Muslim

It’s a play on words that the media would fuel such travel hysteria.  Is it no wonder Americans are getting pretty fed up with all the “words, words, words” that say absolutely nothing true yet carries weight enough to fuel parts of our country into utter hysteria?  Well, it’s time it all stops with some valuable information you can sleep on  – and without the ulcers.

Media Verbiage Fuels Hysteria Except For This Muslim

On the next page, you’ll get “the facts” LINK as recorded accurately from the White House.  In addition, a Marine Corp Gent will share his sharp twist of common sense in response regarding the President’s order.   And finally, you’ll hear from a practicing Muslim why she has no hysteria at all over the verbiage from the White House.  Yes, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised at their thoughts on this entire issue.



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