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Mission Slogan:
Helping Moms Protect Their Children Safely, Legally and Confidently

Rebecca Alderman is owner of Moms and Guns. She started the organization in April 2012 to help moms, especially single moms, after personally being exposed to violence and realizing her need to become confident in staying alive. She is a NRA certified instructor for both “Refuse To Be A Victim ®”  and Pistol Training classes.  She also conducts Missouri and Florida Non-Resident Conceal Carry classes for women.

Though Rebecca enjoys training women one on one in pistol shooting, she realizes that self and home defense is a journey that starts first and foremost with learning not to be an easy target. “There’s so much a person can do to prevent an attack,” says Rebecca, “Careful planning and being aware of your surroundings is the beginning.  Knowing what to do if an attack happens is also key to staying alive.  Developing a family plan builds confidence.  No child or adult should ever live in fear when great training is readily available.”  For more information click Moms and Guns

Guiding Principles:

Every individual has the right to protect themselves and their children.  Not everyone is comfortable starting out with firearm protection. Moms and Guns respects people and their choice of defense and will provide quality information to fulfill our mission with or without firearm protection.

Contact Information

Moms and Guns
Rebecca Alderman
281 Veterans Memorial Pkwy #77, Warrenton, MO, 63383





Keeping Kids SafeTraining Children in Home Defense

You plan for births, graduation, weddings and retirement. Today plan to win against home crimes. You drill your children what to do during a tornado or hurricane threat. Today begin training your kids against threats in the home. Keeping Kids Safe will lead you step by step in developing your customized family plan including a “code word” and “safe room” details. You will learn how to detect the vulnerable places in your home without an expensive expert and how to fortify those weak spots with low budget items that work well until you’re able to add more layers of security devices. Fortifying your home as a family develops a situational awareness foundational for your children. Then the fun games begin that empower kids without scaring them. All the activities and projects are designed to prepare your family to work as a team to stay safe against crime in the home.




   Save One Child From Human TraffickingHuman Trafficking Workshops for Youth

Kids are being kidnapped or drawn into human trafficking right here in the United States.  Find out how through this powerful presentation.  “Bodies Are Not Commodities” will arm your Jr High and High School students to understand, detect and protect themselves from the harsh realities of trafficking.  Our teaching teams will go to schools, churches and community facilities.  Call us for more details:  636-791-0368


Media KitConceal Carry Classes for Women

Moms and Guns conceal carry classes are designed for women taught by a woman with interactive teaching methods that increase the ability of students to retain information. The class outline had been approved by Missouri Sheriffs of Warren and surrounding counties to contain all the information women need to legally and confidently carry a self defense firearm outside their home and automobile.

 Media KitCustomized Online Store
with Security Recommendations

A customized store carrying recommended security products costing between $15- $275 is available for moms needing helping making decisions for their home defense plan.  Rebecca and her husband, Bill, carefully select these items and test them out personally to make sure they work and are dependable.  Articles and videos of the different products are available throughout the website.  CLICK HERE to ENTER THE STORE.

Current Press Releases

“Girls Learn to Defend Themselves Confidently”

New Book Release:  (Print & Kindle versions) “Keeping Kids Safe: How To Prepare Kids for Home Emergencies”

List of Suggested Questions for Interviews

Why the name “Moms and Guns”?  Why not “Moms Protect Kids” or something less controversial than mentioning firearms?

Answer:  We wanted a name that reflects our seriousness in stopping criminal threats against our children and homes.  Mothers are always protecting their children in many different ways throughout any given day and that’s a warm picture of love for most of society. It’s the natural part of being a mother: to nurture and protect a child.  The key here is ‘protection’ and different tools are used to accomplish that goal.  A ‘gun’ is just one such tool.  In our logo picture that bears our name we decided to give the criminal world a stronger message so we used a defense tool with a confident mom directing the child through rehearsed hand motions and  holding up her opposite hand as a confident sign she intends on nothing less than stopping the threat.

What caused you to start Moms and Guns?

What is the purpose and passion?

How do you respond to tragedies like Aurora Theater, Sandy Hook and Trayvon Martin?

What is the one vital key to self and home defense you could tell moms about today?

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