Less Lethal TASER Devices – Everything You Should Know

So many of my students are in discovery mode and ask me about less lethal options they could use during this interim of firearm training, practice and certification process.  My best answer to them all is to obtain, train and carry a less lethal TASER.

There are 7 good reasons I arm myself and some employees at our Perfect Shot Branson Gun Simulator & Virtual Reality Family Fun Center with this technology and advise you to do the same.  Here are 3 of my reasons:

  1. You’re seeking training, certification or and don’t yet feel ready to carry a firearm.
  2. You’re still shopping for that perfect handgun that ergonomically fits your hand for accurate shooting
  3. You’re still discovering that perfect carrying method.

You’ll get my other 4 good reasons soon.  Keep reading.

First, I want to share with you the products I personally recommend and depend on myself for specific situations.  Not all these technological products are the same, so you’ll also find out exactly which device could be the best for you and your family.  Plus, you’re about to learn the truth about “how” effectively this technology can work against a predator.

You ALWAYS have choices to stay safe and this is definitely an option you want to strongly consider.

Keep reading ….


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