Kids Can Spot & Respond Quickly to Criminal Behavior This Way

These are the hard, cold facts about the criminal mindset:

Dr. Stanton Samenow, a renowned criminal behavior psychologist and researcher, has interviewed, studied, and offered his professional interpretations and conclusions about the nature of the criminal mind.


In essence, he concludes that the different manifestations of criminal behavior are just a matter of style and the extreme selfishness and lack of concern and empathy for others by the criminal, with self-gratification being their top if not sole priority.


In one of his books, he stated that the criminal shuts off empathy and sentiment just like someone flips off a light switch. Sentiment and savage brutality reside side-by-side in the same individual and one has no bearing on the other.


He gives some interesting comments in his interviews with violent criminals. One criminal who committed rape and other violent crimes said “I can change from tears to ice and back again.” This individual had a soft spot for animals and would nurse an injured dog to health. He would become teary eyed during movies that were sentimental and attended church frequently. When it came to his intended victims, however, there was no empathy or sentiment.


Dr. Samenow also recalled the murderer who refused to step on an insect because he “didn’t want to kill anything living.” Yet, he would snuff out a person’s life without a second thought.


Kids need to know that not all people who treat animals well will be good to them, too!


Evaluating past criminal behavior has always benefited society with strategies to overcome future events. Terrorism is no different.  Recognize it for what it is – asocial behavior – and begin preparing your family accordingly.  And remember, guns don’t kill people – deranged people kill innocent others.  When your family picks up their guns to defend, they are not killers – they are defenders put in that position by the true killers.

Ben Findley did a great job covering the Criminal Mindset.

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