12 Home Items Your Children Can Use in Self Defense

What are some items in a home setting that could be used to distract or even cause pain to an intruder:

  • lamp stand
  • heavy brass candle stick
  • vase
  • wooden cane
  • ball bat
  • golf club
  • broom
  • shovel or rake
  • wasp spray (long distance)
  • hairspray (short distance)
  • pots, pans
  • metal/wood pole

It might be a good idea to spread some of these items out around the home and in the different bedrooms. Then you could have family drills to see who could find the items the fastest to be in their defensive stance when they heard you scream out the family code word that revealed to them that danger was in the house.

As gun owners, of course, we’d all say to get the gun in hand ready to fire the minute you hear the break-in happening. But its apparent the lady in the above story didn’t have a gun but she knew her neighbor did and used her head to lure the rapist to the neighbor’s house.  Being a raped victim on top of a home invasion plus watching your rapist die on your street is all pretty traumatic and life changing.

With a force multiplier – meaning your defensive weapon is of equal or greater force than the perpetrator’s weapon – she could have stopped the rape before it started.  But owning and using a firearm is an individual choice.  We’re just glad she and her neighbor lived through the incident.

Now what about developing your family plan?

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