[Video] This Is Why We Teach Our Kids To Shoot A Firearm

No doubt this teenager was startled when awakening to odd sounds in his house and finds it’s a person he doesn’t know.  In fact, this Texas teen had a split second decision whether or not to run or face the intruder.

Watch the video now…..

No matter what age, gender, educational background, economic status, etc., when a stranger is rummaging through your private home, it’s a violation to your very safety.  You have no idea what their intentions are:

  • steal
  • hold hostage
  • torture and kill

The split second decision that could save your life is how well you react?  Do you have time to respond?  Or will your body just jump into reaction mode and follow through with what you’ve been trained to defend yourself?

What is your strategy?  How will your strategy provide protection for yourself and others of your family?

Having a “force multiplier” increases your chances to survive a home invasion.  We are grateful this teen is safe and looking forward to many more late morning sleep-ins at home.  His ability to react certainly saved his life.

Now let’s get some media praise for a life saved, how about it?


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