The Patience of Job Out Shooting With A 4 year Old

Dad has been working with his boys for weeks at home and both young boys grasp the general idea of gun safety.  However, now was the time to test their understanding of just how safe you must be when handling a firearm.  So off to the shooting range they go.  Listen and watch the response of the 4-year-old when out shooting with dad at the range.

The Patience of Job Out Shooting With A 4-year-Old

However, Dad did something unusual that made their trip together even safer.

Dad was cautious about taking both young sons out to the range for their first time handling a firearm and shooting at the range.

. . .My two sons are close in age, and would distract each other, and myself to a potentially dangerous level if I took them out together, so instead I took my youngest son out alone for one on one tutoring. There was lots of teaching, and lots of safe, hands-on learning done. Actual accomplishments were few, but the fact that he learned how to insert a magazine, and generally obeyed instructions made me very proud.

My 4 year old son was far more receptive and ready for this experience than anyone might have believed, including me. We had a fantastic morning together.

Watch this incredible bonding experience happen right before your own eyes as this 4-year-old shoots a rifle for the first time.

Watch the video now!

But he’s not the only 4-year-old out with dad shooting a rifle.  Check this video out!


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