Prime TV Blue Bloods Dad Teaching Gun Safety


When Danny jumped out of the car to help the injured man lying in the street,  a hooded person comes out of the bushes shooting a gun at him and hitting inside the SUV.  Danny was able to retrieve his ankle holstered firearm and return fire and the hooded man ran off back into the bushes.  Danny’s family was traumatized at how close they came to death.

Danny’s wife was horrified and went through her own grieving process.  Danny’s two boys also went through a grieving process of almost being shot but then Danny does something that takes the mystery and horror away – he empowers his son, Jack, by teaching him gun safety.

The video clip below shares the exact scene and what happens when the mother walks in.

Watch the video now!

No doubt Jack is a little old to be learning about gun safety, especially when there have been guns in his home since birth but I just love the way Danny dealt gently, but firmly, with him giving information he needed as he processed through the dangers as well.

If you haven’t seen this episode, go watch it!


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