Preparing Children for a Home Invasion is like A Scooby Doo Mystery

What Age Child Can Play?

child-running-BrettNellson-FlickrThat question can best be answered by knowing your own children as well as you already do.  Our youngest grandson is 1.5 years old, runs after his older brothers and jumps right on top of a tackle in progress with absolutely no fear whatsoever.  While he might know all the concepts of the family “game” night, he will recognize his part of what to do and follow his brothers to safety even at this young age.  So I’d say if they’re mobile and active enough to follow they can certainly play, too!

Summarize the Family Game Time

So once the vital items are collected and in place, someone needs to cry out the family “code phrase” and click the timer.  When everyone is in place, the caller checks the time it took everyone to get in place and makes note of it and then goes from place to place to see if they can hear anyone giggling or breathing hard.  Those who are “heard” lose and become the caller next time, that is, if they’re old enough to manage that operation.

The idea is to play and gain knowledge of the “family plan” for all types of emergencies.  Instead of watching several hours of television each night, choose a night to rehearse this game and see how fast everyone can get into “safe” position.  Then move the cardboard perpetrator to another location so everyone has to think fast in a different direction to get to their “safe” position.

Now Back to TV Time

You only have to do this once or twice to set a precedence for hearing the family code word out loud and then you can get back to your favorite television show or Netflix movie.

Have fun and let us know how your “game” time went and if your children have any questions you need help answering.  Hopefully your family will never have to use these vital skills but who knows, just sharing your play time with friends or neighbors could save their lives because of the seed of “safe” ideas you planted.


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