Preparing Children for a Home Invasion is like A Scooby Doo Mystery

Cardboard Perpetrator

1785_SherlockHolmes_23Next, you need some representation of a “bad guy”.  It could be something as simple as daddy wearing a mask over his eyes and coming in the back door to steal cookies off the kitchen counter.  Or for single moms & dads, it could be a life size cardboard character you dress up as a bad guy.  Don’t let the kids see the character board in the beginning to create the element of surprise. Be sure to dress the character board up as a bad guy for game time and undress him when you’re done so children understand the difference.

How the Game Works

Finally, everyone needs to know where they go and what they’re to do to win the game.  This can vary tremendously depending on your home floor plan. Here are some things to consider:

  • Bedroom locations (choose which one will be the “safe” room or area for congregating and/or hiding
  • How many entrances (doors, windows) and from what direction will they “bad guy(s)” be coming
  • Hiding places for the children at night if they can’t make it to the designated “safe” room or area
  • Different safe positions for children during daytime

Is the master bedroom across the house from the children’s bedrooms? In this case, children will need to crawl under their beds or perhaps lay flat inside their closets for safe hiding, especially if the emergency happens at nighttime.  Are the entrances to your home nearer one area of bedrooms than the rest?

How do you keep the game intense enough to keep serious participation going while not scaring the kids?  See it on the next page….[nextpagelink][/nextpagelink]

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