Preparing Children for a Home Invasion is like A Scooby Doo Mystery


Moms know well that playing is a child’s everyday job.  Playing is how they develop, learn and grow in so many areas.  Why not use their ability to play as a means of helping them know what to do to stay safe during a home emergency like a home invasion.

Preparing Children for a Home Invasion is Like
A Scooby Doo Mystery

child-playingHere at Moms & Guns we thought it would be helpful for the 2nd Amendment, gun-owning, responsible families to have some games they could play with their children to prepare them for just such an emergency.

Remember the Scooby Doo Mystery show and how everything seemed completely chaotic but it always worked out in the end.  Well, that’s the fun you should have while preparing your children for more serious situations in life.

The first thing you’ll need is a  . . .

Family Code Word

The first thing needed is a family “code word or phrase”. It can actually be a common phrase like, “please, don’t hurt my family” if the perpetrator is already inside the home or it can be a single code word that’s screamed out throughout the house the first notice of a break in attempt.

Don’t you need a “bad guy” for the game to seem more real? Who plays the “bad guy” during the game? See some interesting suggestions on the next page….


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