Responsibly Teaching Kids How To Shoot Guns

Watch the video now….

Notice, there are two grown men holding these guns with the kids before the child is allowed to pull the trigger.

One parent commented that all kids have watched television and they know how to pull a trigger so teaching them ALL the safety features BEFORE pulling trigger is vital to their safety with firearms.  This also helps to ensure the kids have a level of respect for the firearms.

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  • Started my daughter with a .22 revolver at 6, a 10/22 at 8 and worked her up from there. For her 16th birthday, she asked for a “9mm H&K USP Pistol”. She got a compact and now owns it, a S&W 422 the 10/22, Spike’s Tactical AR15 and a S&W 360 PD.

    BTW, I live in California. Piss on Gavin Newsom and his buddies.

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