How Did This School Crossing Guard Save This 6th Grader?


2. Identify Safe Places – (School Building, Neighbor’s home)

And did you see how this community rallied together to let other parents know there was a predator in the area?  school-fence-childrenThe crossing guard was, no doubt, a brave women to confront the suspect.  Remember, predators like this are easily dissuaded from their goal when others become quickly involved in assessing the situation.


3. Scream – “This is NOT my parent!”

Child abductors want a quiet get away so the louder your child knows to scream and attract attention, the better.


It was also very astute of the young girl to get a clear description of the potential abductor to tell the crossing guard. Teach your kids skills to quickly spot and describe exactly what they see. These games can be done in the car driving on a road trip or across town on a shopping trip. You never know what family activity could save your children’s lives.


We’re so happy for the little girl and her family that she knew what to do – and she did it – and today she is safe.


Thanks to New York CBS for sharing this story and giving us these great tips to keep our kids safe.


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