How Did This School Crossing Guard Save This 6th Grader?

Your child is walking to school and senses someone they’ve actually seen before, on another day, walking behind them. Your child starts to panic and run and the person starts running to catch up with them. What did this one girl do that saved her life from an attempted abduction? Watch the video and find out how neighborhood volunteers and school officials responded to this incident.

What Did This School Crossing Guard Do To Save This 6th Grader?

There are three valuable tips given on the video that every family needs to alert their children to do at all times. Show your children this video. Will it scare them? It might, but remember, fear that alerts you to safety is your friend. Children must be empowered as to what they can do to protect themselves when strangers are closing in on them without apparent “good cause”.

1. Walk in Groups

On the next page is a video telling how this school crossing guard protected the young girl and confronted the potential abductor – plus 2 more tips for kids to stay safe.


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