Front Door Knocking – Tips for Kids Home Alone

Prepare kids to stay home alone with these discussion points.

  1.  Have and discuss often a pre-planned response
  2.  Define welcome and un-welcomed individuals
  3.  Never just open the door – instead – look through 360 degree peep hole at person knowing on the door
  4. Look through peep hole with phone in their hand – is this a stranger knocking?
  5. Listen for rattling of door knob – run and hide or exit home – call help
  6. Watch to see if door looks like they’re leaning into door to push it open – run and hide or exit home – call help
  7. If door busts open, run and hide or exit home with phone in hand and call for help

When developing your family plan, know that burglar will burst into your home and quickly go through all the rooms and closets looking for goods to steal.  Understanding that a burglar wants to be in and out of your swiftly with as many valuables as possible is the beginning to framing your response time to stay safe.  The burglar does not want to get caught or hurt but if they’ve confronted by kids they’re not expecting, they could react with aggression and hurt someone, especially if the kids saw their faces and can identify them.

Here are some home hiding places to discuss.



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