A 2 Year Old’s Grip On A Firearm

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Parents are brave and courageous and we salute you as you weigh the costs and decide it best to have firearms in the home for personal protection.

We only post these real stories to help remind us all that 2 year old children live in their own discovery zone.

During this season in a family’s life, a greater precaution is needed, especially where firearms, swimming pools, hot pots on the stove, etc., are concerned.

2-year-old-handsOne thing to remember, a two year old will never hold a gun the way an older child or adult will.  They will use both hands because it’s heavy and they’ll use both of their index fingers to wrap around the trigger and pull back, thus using more strength that causes the gun to fire.

Depending on the size gun and the awkward positioning of the gun in a 2 year old’s hands, they could easily shoot themselves or someone else.

This is a friendly reminder to all gun-owning parents and grandparents to adjust your lifestyle where kids are concerned and lock your loaded guns away from the reach of children.  Always carry your loaded, defensive handgun on your person at all times during the waking hours when children are doing what they do best – discovering new things.

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