7 Key Tips To Empower Kids Against Stranger Danger – A Remarkable Case Study

Empower Your Kids Through Training

Awareness and preparation is the best form of prevention.  Since this story has a relatively happy ending, and is less traumatic than one where the bad guys win, use it as a preventative lesson.  Here are a few questions you can use to prompt discussion.

  • What did the boy do right?
  • What could he have done better?
  • What are some things he might have tried to notice that would have been helpful to the police?
  • What would YOU do?

7 Key Tips To Empower Kids

  1. Let your kids know that running and screaming is OK.  Bad guys with bad intent don’t want to be noticed.
  2. This boy ran away and that’s good, but unless he knew for sure his parents were home, he might have been leading them to his home and then they would know where to find him.  Run to a “prior designated” safe place, if it is at all possible.
  3. school-bus-Coastal_City_School_BusTry to walk with groups of kids when getting off the school bus.
  4. Pay attention to what is going on around you.  Don’t keep your earbuds on and look down at your phone texts or games.
  5. If you are actively talking on the phone, keep your head up and look around you.
  6. Notice things.  Colors of cars, license plates at least the state and first and last numbers…
  7. Try to notice things about people around you.  Are they tall, short, slim, heavy, light, dark… do they have a tattoo or scar?

These kind of discussions, carried out in a matter of fact way will give your kids the confidence they need to stay safe in our uncertain world.

Back To The Story

Upon further questioning the boy determined that because of skin color and accent, the men may have been Hispanic.  This will help the police in apprehending the suspects.

Sheriff Rader will be assigning much of the north side patrol time to that area and also is asking the public to assist in reporting any suspicious persons or vehicle that might fit this description to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office at (936) 336-4500 or to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-392-7867.

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