7 Key Tips To Empower Kids Against Stranger Danger – A Remarkable Case Study

What Happened

gold-Lincoln-car-Rambler_Ambassador_880_sedan_gold-white_K-jSoon after an attempt to kidnap a young teen at gunpoint, Liberty County Sheriff Rader issued an alert to residents of Plum Grove and the surrounding county.  He requested that residents be on the look out for suspicious vehicles.  The problem is that there was very little information available for vigilant residents.  The young boy who was returning from school that afternoon reported that two men driving a gold Lincoln car; one got out of the car and attempted to force him into the car.

 One of the subjects told the boy to “get in the car”. The student told them “no” and attempted to walk away. This is when one of the subjects pulled what the young man described as a “small black gun” and again demanded that he “get in the car”. At this point, the boy started running towards his home and the two subjects drove away.

The police did not have much information.  The men were wearing masks and boy was shaken up by the incident.

… the young man was visibly upset and frightened which contributed to a rather vague description of the two suspects….

Training Frightens Kids?

Some might say that training your children against kidnapping strategies unduly frightens kids because we bring their attention to ‘what might happen.’ But here’s another point of view.

Most kids have already heard of similar events either on the news or even in their own communities.  It’s easy for us to have the ‘it’ll never happen to me mentality’… until it does.

Rather than being frightened, wouldn’t your kids have more confidence if they knew they could prevent an event from happening to them?

Grab these training tips to help your family prepare to stay safe.



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