3 Tactics These Kids Use To Stay Safe

With human traffickers and pedophiles out roaming around our society today, we simply must stay aware of our surroundings, our neighborhoods, and who our children are interacting with on a daily basis.

This special trainer developed a workshop designed to help parents teach their children how to protect themselves against abduction.  Give your kids permission to do these simple things that could save them from a kidnapper.

Watching this short video with your children will raise your level of awareness as you receive information no one can put a price on when it comes to protecting your children from predators.

3 Tactics These Kids Use To Stay Safe

3 Things to Train Your Children To Do To Thwart an Abduction

  • Trust your gut feelings.  If you’re uneasy with this person and you feel creepy around them then you need to ……
  • ACT FAST – prepare your mindset to get free immediately no matter how hard you have to fight
  • Don’t think twice about it, REACT to the situation by kicking, biting, hitting – whatever it takes to get free or bring attention in your direction for other adults to come to respond.
  • If the kidnapper says “Don’t make a sound or else…..”, that’s your clue to SCREAM as loudly and shrilly as you can to grab as others’ attention

I know we said 3 things but here are 2 more vital things to tell your kids:

  • Once you are free, run as fast as you can toward a crowd, a police officer, inside a store, a lighted area, toward the middle of the park or schoolyard, inside the school or your home
  • Don’t stop screaming when you get free and start running. KEEP SCREAMING until you are with trustworthy adults again.

Watch the video on the next page to find out what a child can do if they’re suddenly grabbed from behind?

What does a child do if they’re suddenly grabbed from behind?

There is no lure trick with cute puppies.  There is no time to grab Mom’s hand.  The child has just been taken and told to stay quiet or else.

Little children are susceptible because they’re told to “obey” their elders.  But when something feels creepy in their gut about this person holding them tight and running away from trustworthy adults – this is when these 3 things can halt an abduction . . .

Watch the video now . . .


Does all this training work?
Check out the video on the next page.


Training and discussing these topics with our kids really do help them act fast in a situation that’s impossible for us to get to them.  Your training and guidance will stay with them for the rest of their lives.  She may be a little shook now, but she’s alive and safe in her mother’s arms tonight.  Praise God!

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