You Are Awesome – A Woman Who Changes the World

Today’s moms, sisters, girlfriends, grandmothers all deal with a world where a culture of honor is faded into anything is okay when everyone knows down deep it really isn’t.  Well, today we push all the wrong aside and choose to celebrate women for their creativity, endurance, inner beauty and strength but most of all – because you are you!

You Are Awesome – A Woman Who Changes the World

Who is this woman?  Why it’s you of course!  Like the little girl in the hit book and movie, “The Help”  as women we want – no need – someone to impress upon us that we “is good, you is smart, you are important.”   The maid in this story, faced many obstacles but would not be daunted in the purpose placed before her.  And neither will you.  Be encouraged, woman of God!

Now watch this video that says more than “be encouraged”…..



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