Social Conscience

Social Conscience

Please welcome with me, again, our distinguished guest writer, Mr. H.R.Grimm from San Antonio, Texas.

We live in an era of an ever increasing forced insanity to establishment a type of delusional SOCIAL CONSCIENCE.

We are taught rational thinking as in realizing one key will not fit all locks. This same rational thinking requires the conceptualization of boundaries for firm measurable guidelines, such adherence to traffic laws, medical standards and other required specifics necessary to healthy and safe civil social foundational principles. Certain issues require specific steps to meet the needs inherent for realities that all are to follow.

¬†Grimm’s Musings: Social Conscience

Let’s take traffic laws: these were established to insure an efficient flow for THE MAJORITY not merely for a few. If you or I drive like idiots as in hogging the left lane which is for passing, turn without using blinkers, pass on the right on a two lane roadway, purposefully block traffic, go slower or faster than the posted speed limit, are we not putting others at risk?

If you or I concoct our own potions then get others to consume our elixir as some medical miracle cure without accountability to a quality standard and void of responsibility, are we not putting others at risk?

Say we dump our unfiltered sewage into creeks or rivers, are we not polluting and putting other’s health at risk?

Rational thinking requires absolutes that adhere to guidelines. Social chaos grows in a culture void of rational absolutes.

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