Military Refuse Orders Against U.S. Citizens

It’s getting serious.  It’s scary.  BUT – not all things appear as they seem.  We have the privilege to support military men & women, sheriffs, police officers, coast guards, etc.,  who happen to believe in their Oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

Military Refuse Orders Against U.S. Citizens

What these two marines have to say to us today is worth taking a few minutes to hear.  They are brave and they, in turn, impart purpose and bravery to our families.

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  • Glock owners are great for stating opinions as facts. I bought a Glock when they first became available in Arizona and despised it, and I don’t see it has gotten any better. In the first place, at that time, it was available only in 9mm, a round that leaves me underwhelmed. I hated the magazines, because even an empty magazine would not drop from the weapon. My lieutenant said that was the European philosophy, they did not want magazines to eject. You had to dig the magazine out of the well, and it took a lot of time with sandpaper, silicone spray and elbow grease to even make it halfway adequate, in my eyes. As a comparison, the AMT Hardballer 1911 I shot in competition could throw the loaded magazine clear of the well, held upside down. I did not like the grip angle, it was not, to me, a natural pointer. So 60% of American departments specify the Glock for their officers to carry on duty, BIG WHOOPIE! Is that supposed to influence me? The department I worked for, I understand now issues the Baretta. Huge gun, tiny bullet. My real preference is the Springfield XD (M)40. Oh, I hear you out there, “It’s too dangerous, there is no safety.” Horse feathers. The XD series has the same Safe Action trigger as the Glock, except it is metal, not plastic. It has a grip safety like the old 1911. for the weapon to fire, you have to have a proper grip. and your finger has to be on the trigger, pulling it to the rear of the guard, there are also a couple of internal safety devices such as a striker block and firing pin block. I was trained not to depend on an external safety. The best and most reliable safety is your brain. get trained and apply the rules consistently, and you will never have a negligent discharge. The Glock is a decent pistol, but it is just not for me.

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