Mass Shooting Results in This Unfathomable Response

As we sat transfixed to the tragic news, this intriguing community displayed an unbelievable response to an unforgivable act. Some of us are too young to remember the shooting of 10 Amish girls that crisp October morning in 2006. Others of us remember it as if it were yesterday. Mostly we remember because the action seemed utterly unthinkable.

Mass Shooting Results in Unfathomable Forgiveness

This commentary is more unusual because of the final outcome of this tragic event. Yes there was a shooting involved. But we’re not going to talk about the ‘what could have been done to prevent this tragedy.’  Nor are we going to discuss ‘what would you do in this situation’.  Why? Because understanding how a community of grieving people treated the family of the perpetrator is far more important.



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