Justice & Liberty For All – Hope For the Coming Days

With the appalling stance of our government at every turn  causing our nation to become weak, disrespected and economically bankrupt, there’s no doubt a cry rising from the people for change – but in the right direction this time.

That cry would include:

  • stop spending our children’s future
  • stop selling & delivering arms to terrorists
  • stop inviting terrorism to our neighborhoods
  • stop releasing criminals from prison our military sacrificed to capture
  • stop weakening our military forces
  • stop allowing alien immigrants to cross our borders and stay without proper processing
  • and the list goes on and on . . .

Justice & Liberty For All – Hope For the Coming Days

Believe it or not, our forefathers knew well the cries of the people for justice and liberty for all.  Here is what they did to secure liberty for their families – and ours!

You’ll enjoy this video…



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