Hope At Ground Zero

True Americans don’t cower and they don’t give up.  The American spirit is one that stands up and fights – fights to save innocent lives even if it costs them their own lives in the process.

Hope At Ground Zero

Many First Responders lost their lives that day on 911.  Many workers in the twin towers lost their lives.  I watched on live television as a desperate man jumped out of the window from a story just below where the plane hit knowing there was no chance for him to make it down the stairwells to safety.

ALL LIVES MATTER……there’s no group of individuals more important than another.  If you live and breathe – you matter.  What separates us is our intent to do harm to others or our intent to save others.

There was a symbol discovered at “Ground Zero” two days after 911 that brought hope to New York citizens and those of us across the nation.

Watch the video now…



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