Culture Jihad Terrorism Tactics Revealed But Thwarted This Way

Many ask the question how could America go so far down a particular path that finds herself here – today….
Others realize that while everyday citizens were busy raising their families and enjoying the freedoms and liberties of this nation, there was an enemy lurking to destroy her from the inside out.  But the question remains – how could she possibly be destroyed from the inside out when she’s been so strong for so many years….

Culture Jihad Terrorism Tactics Revealed But Thwarted This Way

This video reveals a strategic plan that took years of careful planning, employing the perfectly approved and accepted individuals for the task who were patient but deliberate in calculated agendas.  It’s no wonder we missed it….while busy with our own honest day-to-day living…

However, after this proven individual, from the toughest Jihadist training standards, arrived on American soil as a young adult, he encountered a surprise that turns his terrorist agenda upside down.

He reveals about his training and the tactics used in this remarkable video….



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