An Appeal to Heaven Led To Don’t Tread On Me

When I think of our great heritage and rich history I’m encouraged to know our truths and ideals as a nation has lead so many to want to become citizens and experience the liberty and freedoms we’ve enjoyed.

Then I quickly become sickened to the reality that some didn’t come to enjoy the liberties fought for by humble men and women in uniform but to steal those liberties from our children’s children.

An Appeal to Heaven Led To Don’t Tread On Me

Well, as we gear up and prepare our families to fight once more for freedom uniting with the many brothers and sisters who truly understand the costs at stake, we must once again follow the lead of our forefathers this way to secure success.

Every soldier gets scared. But every soldier digs deep in the belly of his own soul to emerge the fierce fighter for truth, honor and loyalty to protect the Constitution of the United States of America.  This is how they do it…..


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