Glide Yourself Easily Into High Level Confidence
Conquering Intimidation Once & For All 
With This
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Handgun Shopping Guide for Women
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With Just A Glance You Can Determine
Which is the Best Handgun For Moms, Handicapped, Ambidextrous,
Carry Permit Use, Home Use and more . . .


Here’s what you will discover on this one-of-a-kind Shopping Guide:


>> For your concealment ease consideration, you’ll find listed by each recommended gun the height,
length & thickness of the gun

 >>   For your all day carry ease, you’ll find the weight of both an empty/loaded gun plus its rounds

>>    For your ease of managing the gun, you’ll find the trigger action type & the weight of the trigger
pull so you know how hard it is to pull the trigger & if there’s an internal safety feature

>>    For all your safety concerns, be sure to check out the External Safety column for thumb, trigger,
backstrap and Ambidextrous safety features

 >>   For best recoil management, discover the different caliber options listed plus comments about
which guns have low felt recoil

>>    And finally, you’ll receive Moms & Guns “YES” vote on which guns are recommended for moms
or grandmothers with children 


From the desk of:
Rebecca Alderman

Hello, Friend –

If you’re like most of my clients, going to the gun store is a daunting task!  Why, there are just no words for the multi-level frustration you feel during your time as a woman at the store counter.  Your friend tells you one thing and the clerk is telling you something totally different.  Plus, there are as many handgun styles to choose from as there are automobiles. But with this handy checklist shopping guide, you can weed out quickly which handguns you want to hold, rent, shoot – and long BEFORE you purchase! 

Ladies, you can be the expert at the counter asking specific questions about your desired customization options, like lasers and night sight systems, etc.,  demonstrating to the clerk you know what you’re talking about.

Here are the pitfalls you have to watch out for when deciding on the best handgun for you:

  • Being asked multiple questions all at once leaving you in the dust for not having all the facts.
  • Being insulted by clerks pushing a certain handgun, namely, a revolver,  just because you’re a woman
    standing in front of them.
  • Becoming frustrated because clerks hard sell their store’s high inventory count whether the gun is right
    for you – or not!
  • Spending money under pressure and realizing later you made a huge mistake.


Tip: If you don’t have a carry permit, most states will allow you to have a gun in your home and/or car for protection.  You just can NOT leave your property with the firearm on your person without a state permit.  Please, check your state firearm laws for verification.


Be smart!    Be wise!   Be informed!
Your confidence will soar through the roof
with this FREE shopping guide prepared just for you!


Finally, a Handgun Shopping Guide Just for Women
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Happy ‘Confident’ Shopping,
Rebecca Alderman
Moms & Guns