Gun Safety is Parental Responsibility – What happened here?

When it comes to our kids, is there anything we wouldn’t do to protect them?  Is there an extra step of gun safety so inconvenient for a parent to take to save the life of their child or someone else’s child? How far are you willing to go to ensure your children are safe at all times?

Individual parent(s) are the only ones who can answer these pointed questions about guns and your home.  This mother should receive consolation in knowing that other parents are going the extra mile. Will you comply?

If you knew that your home habits by all members of your family are lax and could risk such a major loss, are you willing to change that today?

This writer hopes and prays you will make necessary changes and with urgency.  I know your actions would encourage and comfort this mother, too!

What happened to Noah?

Here is Noah’s story from his mother who is also a gun owner:

Do the other parents feel like you are invading their privacy? I’m sorry, but asking about a gun in order to keep a child safe is not a privacy issue. Child death by negligence is far more important than the privacy issue.

The reality is that most people are lax when it comes to their guns. They naively think their child won’t touch a gun or use it improperly. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

What if it’s not your child who touched it? What if he or she was the victim because some child wasn’t taught that guns are not toys? Kids do not think long-term. They take risks. That is why we are the parents. We are supposed to practice safety in all that we do. Let’s add gun safety to our task as parents.

Gun Safety tips you can do now!

Talking to children about gun safety is great. Sharing Noah’s story may help drive home the danger of pointing a gun at another human being. But why leave it there? Why risk it? Why make it easy for a child, who is simply being a child, to harm his friend? Instead of suspending kindergarten children for pointing a finger at a friend while saying “bang,” let’s just put our guns out of the reach of our children. Be responsible: Lock them up.

More Safety Tips for children by children.

When your child visits someone else’s home, please ask those parents if they have guns and if they are stored where children can get to them. Don’t worry about sounding insulting or overprotective. If I had asked, perhaps Noah would still be with us. Had those guns been stored with the safety of children in mind, I wouldn’t have to wake up to the reality of living in a world without my baby. Property can be replaced when stolen. Children whose lives are taken too early because of an unlocked gun cannot be replaced.


Moms and Guns Stance

Moms and Guns couldn’t agree more with this mother.  Burying a child should never happen due to negligent gun owners.  It’s a hard and sharp reality.  It should strike a chord deep in your heart.  It should motivate you to do whatever it takes to secure your guns.  Noah’s story and the pain his mother feels even today of his great loss should spark the urgency within you to follow through and, yes, fortify your home against predators, but even more importantly, fortify your home against lax attitudes about gun safety, especially when guests are visiting your home.

Read the full story here.

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