Granny Scares Off Burglars

Granny Hodge, a widow of 22 years, was mentally, as well as physically, prepared to do whatever she needed – to defend herself.  Not once, but twice, in the same month, burglars thought she was a defenseless, elderly individual they could easily take advantage of – but Granny proved them wrong – both times.

Granny Scares Off Burglars

Granny Scares Off BurglarsTwo weeks ago, two young women broke into her home and stole all her jewelry while Hodge was at church with her family. The women cut through the screen on her front porch and broke into her front door.  Read more here:

What was it that caused Granny to then stand up to two more thieves inside her home?

The two entered Hodge’s home and went to the spare bedroom opposite her own. When they turned around, there stood Hodge, fresh out of bed, holding her sidearm.  Read more here:

Well, okay, so she had a .38 special revolver with 6 bullets pointing straight at the gentlemen but these guys weren’t young novices in the field of thievery.  She heard a knock at the door.

“I decided I would go see who it was,” Hodge said, recalling she heard someone knock twice on her back door just off the kitchen of her small house. “But before I moved, they knocked a third time and busted my door open. I said to myself, ‘That’s a break in!’“

The men – later identified by police as Ronnie Henry Stevenson Jr., 31, of 956 High Point Road in Lydia, and Nelson Hawkins, 42, of 1564 Turnpike Road in Darlington – were no strangers to the law. Both had lengthy criminal records and were persons of interest on prior burglaries by both Marlboro County and Darlington County sheriffs’ offices.

Their experienced criminal background did them little good against Hodge.  Read more here:

Granny’s Mental Preparedness

So I ask again the question: “why would a frail, elderly woman be so bold as to think her little firearm could protect her against, not one, but two big brute criminals? Surely between the two of them they could have overcome her, taken the gun away to do whatever they pleased with her in her home.  What made them stop and run out of there?

“They take off and run,” she said.  Read more here:

The sheriff was amazed, laughing as he recalls Granny telling him when she pointed her revolver at them they left faster than they came in. The sheriff called her his hero!
But again I ask the question: “what causes Granny to stand bold against evil?” Surely she had a well prepared plan of what she would do in the event of a home attack. As soon as the two men ran out of her home, she pressed the personal alarm button she was wearing around her neck and the Sheriff was there within minutes.  Of course, we can’t forget about her husband’s firearm she hid under her mattress.  So she was armed and no doubt knew how to shoot or, at least, her stance convinced the criminals she not only knew hot to shoot but she’s ready to pull the trigger – on them!

Ingredients for Mental Preparedness

Granny Scares Off BurglarsWe know in self defense training criminals are always looking for “easy targets” and one way to convince you are not an easy target is the way you carry yourself in addition to having eye contact with the suspect without an elongated stare that might challenge them to attack. But more than anything – a sense of confidence knowing they’ve made the wrong move and if they press – you will respond accordingly.

Developing Confidence

Granny’s confidence didn’t happen overnight and it couldn’t have developed while just “thinking” about her response plan.  There certainly was forethought for her to have budgeted and purchased the personal alarm she wore around her neck. That particular alarms system was connected to a dispatch service she, no doubt, took initiate to set up for herself. Owning a gun, keeping it loaded and ready and storing it in a safe place were all considerations she had to plan at some point. 

Granny wasn’t caught up in the losses she sustained during both burglaries needing to repair  a screen window and now a door that was busted.  She had family close by to help repair the damage but she wasn’t depending on them for her safety.  She seems to have a low key realism when it comes to material possessions; yet, she knows how to handle the power and decision of using a firearm.

“I feel safe,” she said, smiling, her revolver sitting on the kitchen table in front of her.  Read more here:

Keeping Things in Perspective

Granny Scares Off BurglarsRemember when the first set of burglars were ransacking Granny’s home she was at church with her family.  I suppose Granny’s faith has something to do with her inner resolve and confidence to take care of herself.  Coupled with a faith in God and a clear understanding of right and wrong, Granny didn’t struggle with the decision to use her gun if the situation presented itself.  Just reading Granny’s story gives me the sense of her disposition and strong countenance that no one walking in evil would dare cross her path because she wasn’t afraid.  Evil is wrong and will get it’s due in time.  Granny’s confidence in God being right beside her no matter what would also seem to cultivate her disposition that no evil would want to tango with.
Mental preparedness begins with an inner resolve that you refuse to live in fear.  You refuse to be a victim. Yet you also recognize that evil is in this world and when individuals cross that line, you have no other choice but to defend.  That’s when the planning begins and the decisions are made.  How will you defend yourself?  How will you develop the confidence you need to remove “easy target” from your forehead, look people straight in the eye as walk confidently by and determine in her heart that evil will not triumph over you. Now list everything evil and everything good.  Take a second look at your lists and decide in what scenarios will you have to pull the trigger to save lives?  Now you’re moving on into mental preparedness more fully.  Finally, the confidence resides after the gun and ammo are purchased, lots of practice at the shooting range is behind you and you can say, “I feel safe.”
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