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Body Shapes Reveal Concealment Options

Body Shapes and Firearm ConcealmentConical(Triangle) Shape: Normally where the bust and waist are same but the hips are ‘at least nine inches smaller’ than the chest. The standard measurement is, bust 3.6? or larger than the hips and the waist less than 9? smaller than the bust.



apple-publicdomain-greyscaledApple Shape: If the waist measures larger compared to the hip and chest.

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Every lady seeking to carry a concealed handgun for self defense purposes simply must make an individualized decision about what type firearm, size and carry placement is best suited for her particular body type, weight, bone structure, endurance level, etc. None of these very personal elements will ever be dealt with appropriately by male salesmen in large chain stores.


Now you can certainly see clearly how the decision where to carry your personal defense handgun is a private decision not to leave up to your spouse, girlfriend or store clerk.


Thanks goes to our local Moms & Guns for this creative way to explain carry concealment options for women.


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This Little Defense Tool Helps When A Gun Will Not

Just having this little defense tool in my hand and ready at all times averted a hefty men sizing me up & down with his eyes. But I also discovered this tool is good for water emergencies as well.

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