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Body Shapes Reveal Concealment Options


  In order to do this, I’m going to ask you to take a “Body Type Quiz“.  It should only take you about 3 minutes.

The quiz will open in a different browser tab so you can easily return here.

Which body type are you?


Body Type and Handgun ConcealmentHourglass Shape: This is considered as one of the best female body shapes. Where the bust and hips measurements would be almost the same circumference, though the bust can be ‘one inch’ larger than the hips. The waist would be much smaller. A perfect hourglass shape is where the difference between the ‘waist and the bust’ and ‘waist and hips’ is at least ‘nine inches’.



Body Shapes and Firearm ConcealmentPear or Spoon Shape: If there is a wide difference in measurements between the hips and bust and hardly any between the chest and waist. Hips are ‘two inches’ or more larger than the bust and waist is less than 9.25? smaller than the bust.



Body Type and Handgun ConcealmentRuler(Rectangle) Shape: If there is hardly any difference in the measurements of waist, bust and hips. The waist is less than ‘nine inches’ smaller than the bust.




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