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“You Had Me at 9 Mil…” Valentines for Gun Owners

There are several companies out there that have jewelry that reflects  an interest in guns and shooting.  Something as simple as spent casings made into earrings or pendants or as elaborate as jewel encrusted replicas of antique pistols.  These jewelry designs make excellent valentines for gun owners.

red-stone-earringsFor men or women, you can find jewelry valentines for gun owners that will express your appreciation of the love you share for each other, as well as your shared hob
by.  Some of the jewelry is fairly traditional, at least as far as gun jewelry goes, which isn’t very traditional anyway.  There are pendants for necklaces that have a tiny birthstone, or an additional dangle, that are actually pretty little necklaces.  Then there are also the more edgy pieces that are sure to make a statement, such as replicas of shotguns or semi-autos.  Spent shell casings are made into some pretty unique designs. but live bullets are also used for unique jewelry.  Some are simply added to a chain made into a pendant, and other designers add embellishments.


Hey! Maybe we should do some research on gun shaped chocolates…

Find beautiful pieces of jewelry at these exceptional places just in time for Valentine’s Day.


Etched Rifle Bullets with “We The People” and much more. You have to see this beautiful piece to believe the details it shows. Just click the “We the People” link to gaze your eyes on this spectacular artistry. Plus look at all their other pieces, too.

Finally, but not least. Here’s this simple necklace piece you can find at



These are just a few ideas to get you going.  I’m sure you can find even more gorgeous options.

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