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This Is What Happens When the Bad Guys Hold up the Wrong Diner

When this crook decides to hold up what appears to be a sleepy little diner in a sleepy little town, he was in for a wake up call.  From outside, the diner looked like it was in an isolated location, and full of people.  The perfect place for a mean hold up, easy cash, and a quick get away. But remember the old saying?  If it looks too good to be true… it probably is!

This Is What Happens When the Bad Guys Hold up the Wrong Diner

And this fellow got what was coming to him, big time!  He didn’t choose as wisely as he had thought he had!  Pay attention to the signs on the walls of this diner. Then you will know what detail the bad guy missed!  What happens next will surprise you as much as it did him, but I bet your reaction will be much different!


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