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He’s Stringing Us Along With a .22LR

How many  cans of silly string will a .22 long rifle go through at one time? Plink lines up cans of silly string and shoots through… well, we won’t tell you, you will have to watch for yourself.  But let’s just say you get a curious guy, a .22LR and silly string, and you’ve got this to look forward to!

He’s Stringing Us Along With a .22LR

The first thing that might go through your mind is ‘what does it matter?’ It matters if you have a .22 long rifle, and you happen to be surprised with a home intrusion and need to protect yourself.  This will probably not be your primary home defense firearm, but it is good to know what it is capable of in case of an emergency.  And the second thing you might think is, ‘That’s a waste of silly string.’  If you have kids or grand kids, you know how much kids love to spray this stuff around. Why shoot the cans and miss out on all the fun?  Well, watch in slow motion!  He didn’t miss anything!



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