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Going Toe to Steel Toe With a .22LR

Plinkster has brought up an interesting question about steel toed boots!  And yes, he’s going to test out his theory to find an answer. This time he’s testing out steel toe boots to see if they are bullet proof.  It’s a great video to watch, and fun to listen to his delightful Tennessee/Arkansas accent.

Going Toe to Steel Toe With a .22LR

When you’re hunting, you probably will not be using a .22 LR, except maybe for small game, and sport shooting.  The test to see if steel toe boots are bullet proof is fun to watch, but could we learn anything?  Yes!  It’s  better to test it on video than to find out for yourself the hard way.  In this test, the boot might have been a little farther away than it would have been on your foot if you had actually experienced an accidental discharge.  It probably depends on  how short you are.  (That was a joke!)

Watch the video now.

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