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A Little “Light Entertainment” With A .22 Long Rifle

Who doesn’t love 22Plinkster and his Myth Busters Style videos?  They are always fun to watch, and even for those of us who are serious about what we do, we must admit to watching them – and watching them multiple times.  In this video, he takes on old-style incandescent light bulbs with a .22 long rifle.

A Little “Light Entertainment” With  A .22 Long Rifle

Before you criticize the waste of lining up thirty light bulbs and shooting them with a .22, listen to his reason for having these bulbs on hand.  Whether you can say with Plinkster here, “I’ve always wanted to know how many light bulbs a .22 long rifle can go through”  or if it has never even entered your mind before now, you will enjoy this quick, fun video.  And watch as he does it again, just for fun!


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