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.22LR Fire Power Against A Fully Charged Fire Extinguisher – WHAT?

The Plinkster has our dream job shooting random things with guns and posting videos of his neat discoveries.  Of course, most moms out there are thinking, “Yep, this guy just never did grow up, huh?”

But we have a greater purpose for showing his “neat discoveries”.  What greater way to show your kiddos what a firearm can do than through a video sitting safely at your living room coffee table.  This is the safest way to teach your children to respect a firearm.

.22LR Fire Power Against A Fully Charged Fire Extinguisher – WHAT?

Of course, they’ll want to try it someday themselves, but only under your supervision, and – because you’ve seen and discussed the video at length, you pretty much know what they’re thinking to offset any problems when your family makes their own discoveries with live fire at the shooting range.

So now for this part of our .22 Plinkster series, watch the .22LR fire power going through a charged fire extinguisher!



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