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Your Gun Cleaning Method Might Be Causing More Harm Than Good .22LR

You’ve just bought your kiddo his/her first rifle and, of course, the store clerk also sold you a brand new cleaning kit to go with it.  You think, “this is great, now I’ll show my son/daughter how to clean and good care of his/her new rifle.”  After all, you know how important it is to keep a rifle clean.  If you respect and care for your gun, you will be able to rely on its full function capabilities – especially when you need it most.  But here’s a great big huge caution about how you clean that .22LR rifle.

Your Gun Cleaning Practices Might be Harming Your .22LR

With the new cleaning kits, there’s one element you really need to be aware of before letting your kids take over that responsibility for themselves.  Watch a close up demonstration of exactly what we’re talking.

You’re about to see how easy it is to push a cleaning jag too far down the barrel and what will happen if you do.  You’ll actually be able to see how the cleaning equipment could chip away at the crown.  Here are two items to use that minimize any problems:

  • proper oil and lubrication and
  • a good non metal brush or cloth

Watch the video now.

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